Hanami at Osaka Castle Park

Yesterday, I celebrated the exquisite fragility of youth  under the cherry petals with coworkers from China, Russia, India, Vietnam, UK, Turkey, and Japan. Many toasts were drunk to the ephemeral nature of life–and other things.

Sakura in Osaka Castle Park

The somei yoshino cherry trees are in full bloom this week. Thousands of picnickers spread out on tarps under the blossoms in Osaka Castle Park.

Yoshino Blossoms in Osaka Castle Park

The somei yoshino blossoms, with five petals in near-white pink are the classic sakura for hanami. In a week, they’ll be gone.

About July McAtee

American gal turned Japanese "salaryman" for a while. I'm blogging my experiences as my daughter and I move from Silicon Valley to Japan and beyond.
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2 Responses to Hanami at Osaka Castle Park

  1. Bill McAtee says:

    JM, Lovely pictures there. redbuds, dogwoods, weeping cherries et al in bloom here. Glad warm weather finally arrived. UB

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