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Status Meeting

Every morning at 8:30, a gentle chime sounds over the intercom, and the company song plays. Everyone in the office, about fifteen of us, stands up and circles around. Our general manager, an erstwhile marathon runner, stretches and touches his … Continue reading

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There’s nothing like the sharp tang of loneliness on the first morning in a Japanese city. With jet lag, I’m up at 12:45 a.m., then 3 a.m., then finally get up and have some coffee at 3:30. I look out … Continue reading

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Kando-san’s Assurances

I have a colleague in Japan, “Kando-san,” who is the most literal person I’ve ever met. No metaphor can penetrate, no comparison illuminate. He does not read between the lines. Being a person who operates most comfortably in the abstract, … Continue reading

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View from the Attic

I spent many moments looking out this window as a child. Once, I climbed out and sat on the steep roof. I wanted to have adventures. I wanted to fly. Then my father saw me. He called me to his … Continue reading

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Starting at the End

I’m on the brink of many ends. I’m soon leaving Silicon Valley and moving to Osaka, Japan. My only daughter is approaching adulthood at the speed of light. And two weeks ago my father died. Somehow, when the guests are … Continue reading

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