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Even in “I Give Up” Mode, You Have to Turn the Water On

No, this is not the navigation console for the Starship Enterprise in Star Trek, the 47th Generation. This is the control panel for my washer/dryer, a National NA-VR1100, which was installed along with all my rental furniture and equipment two … Continue reading

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Ready, Set, Go

My friend Konstanze helped me arrange my fish on the wall. When I first tried arranging them, I made the blue fish face the gold ones, but then it looked as though it was challenging them, and as though they … Continue reading

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Can I Bubble Wrap the Moon?

You know how when you get a new PC at work, you crawl down under the darkness of the desk, blow away several years of dust, and start unplugging? The USB mouse-keyboard (green to green, blue to blue) and the … Continue reading

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