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July McAtee, Global R&D Disaster

Sigh. In several places on that form I was complaining about a few blog posts ago, I entered my title as 惨事 (“disaster”) rather than 参事 (“councilor”). I’ve only been studying Chinese characters for thirty years. In the online review … Continue reading

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The U.S. South Is Japan in Disguise

Okay, well, some things about the South and Japan remind me of each other, such as people not always saying what they mean or meaning what they say. But here’s further proof: My nephew, an upstanding young Southern gentleman, just … Continue reading

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Drowning in Bureaucracy

Please, someone, save me from my company’s online accounting system. I have to buy my plane ticket for Berlin in three days, but I can’t buy it through the online system without my director’s online approval. However, I can’t fill … Continue reading

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