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Hefei Heist, or July Gets What’s Coming to Her

I’m back in Osaka, after two weeks in London, Berlin, Shanghai, and Hefei. I should probably start with the lovely countryside inn I stayed at outside of Berlin, on the way to Brandenburg–golden fields of ripe grain dotted with white … Continue reading

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Two of My Friends Are Fighting

This weekend, violent protests broke out against Japan and Japanese businesses in dozens of cities in China. People are furious that Japan’s central government bought the Senkaku (Japan’s name)/Daiyu (China’s name) Islands. China’s State newspapers are fanning the flames and … Continue reading

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For Sale: Motorcycle with Memories Tangled in the Chain

Just home from Memphis yesterday, I drove into a traffic jam on 880, as cars crept by an accident. Lined up beside the median: one forest green minivan, one red sedan, one large man in black leathers lying on the … Continue reading

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