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Gaijin Space

Gaijin space, if you don’t know, is the space left on the sides of foreigners on the train seats. I’ve experienced it plenty. Often people will stand rather than sit next to me. One time a fellow, even though there … Continue reading

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July McAtee, Global R&D Disaster

Sigh. In several places on that form I was complaining about a few blog posts ago, I entered my title as 惨事 (“disaster”) rather than 参事 (“councilor”). I’ve only been studying Chinese characters for thirty years. In the online review … Continue reading

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Escher’s Dream

Like a hundred thousand pieces of a living jigsaw puzzle, we walk in silent columns, men in black suits and white shirts going to the Company, speckled with a few women in colors. In the other direction come the elementary … Continue reading

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Osaka Breakdown

Last Wednesday, I found my people. Actually, my friend Kelly found them and took me to them. They gather for Osaka Bluegrass Night at Live House: Another Dream (www.an-dream.com, a basement bar near Namba station) on the second Tuesday or … Continue reading

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Rock On, Omoware

Last night a typhoon hit Japan, crossing the Honshu island west of Osaka. Two people died and many lost their homes. Today, in Osaka at least, the wind has died down and we’re left with a steady gray rain. But … Continue reading

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Who’s That Lady in the Bathroom?

The new water heater talks to us. She’s a little scary. The old one was broken when we moved in, and when I called the landlord, a series of phone calls and visits began. Mostly, they were calls telling me … Continue reading

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Gimme One of Those Happy e Time Plans

“Can’t I just say, ‘please turn on the power,’ pay some money, and be done with it?” I wailed at the screen. I was setting up my electricity online for my Osaka apartment with Kepco (Kansai Electric Power Co., not … Continue reading

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